Vector illustration of Scotland

Scottish Place Names Generator

After posting the other day about the Pseudo Elizabether Place Name Generator, I thought I'd put my rather limited Python skills to work and generate some Scottish place names.

A while back, I downloaded some data from the UK's goverment website. It contained a list of all place names within Britain. I filtered out the English and Welsh names, then I created a list of common prefixes and suffixes from the Scottish names. I let Python's Random function do its magic to combine these, and I created a spreadsheet from the results. 

There were a lot of unsuitable results, with names that felt unnatural or just awkward on the tongue. But even so, I was surprised and pleased at how many good names I got. Here's a sample...

  • Auchgarth
  • Banallan
  • Barochy
  • Bermish
  • Bonington
  • Bunardie
  • Cairnroy
  • Camdross
  • Carbeattie
  • Carnferry
  • Dencarron
  • Doonardie
  • Dougrie
  • Dowhelm
  • Dundhu
  • Edindenny
  • Elgoss
  • Falara
  • Fargowrie
  • Gowan
  • Greenvig
  • Haldyce
  • Harnoch
  • Hillmyre
  • Incharrow
  • Inverbreck
  • Kentoll
  • Lommor
  • Lunferry
  • Mainsford
  • Mildart
  • Monathie
  • Mosslea
  • Nethermyre
  • Rossbeg
  • Shawdyke
  • Stronbeg
  • Tarcastle
  • Torrsea
  • Westerannan

If you fancy some generated Scottish place names for your map or novel, you can grab the spreadsheet here (I've put in a CSV file for wider compatibility).