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Pseudo Elizabethan Place Names (revisited)

One of the most - or least - fun parts of map-making is coming up with place names. Some people have firm ideas about what they want in their naming conventions, occasionally going as far as creating their own languages to develop a truly unique world. I admire this greatly but it's not for me. I use place name generators.

There used to be a most wonderful web page called the 'Pseudo Elizabethan Place Name Generator'. It was hosted at Sadly the site is no more and, at the time of writing, the domain is up for sale. I was gutted when the site went down as I loved the quirky place names it offered.

A while back, I saved a bunch of names from the site into a spreadsheet, for quick and easy reference. Since the original site is gone, I thought I'd share the spreadsheet with anyone who might find it useful. There are 1,000 place names in this file, so hopefully you can find something to use. Here's the link to the Google Sheets file...

View Pseudo Elizabethan Place Names (Google Sheets, opens in new tab)

All credit of course goes to the original developer of inkalicious (I don't know who they are to credit personally.) They must have put quite a bit of work into creating the generator and coming up with these wonderful prefixes and suffixes, and it's such a shame to see their efforts disappear down the internet plughole.

Here's a sample of the names generated.

  • Alderhope
  • Alderley
  • Amberpointe
  • Ardenell
  • Babbingwoode
  • Beestocke
  • Bellefield
  • Bellingwharf
  • Bishopskirk
  • Bloomburgh
  • Bulgerkeep
  • Chelseyhead
  • Cottarwife
  • Crugglark
  • Doveston
  • Dyerwood
  • Egglesforthe
  • Evenburgh
  • Fangvale
  • Ferrynock
  • Friarstrake
  • Greeneyard
  • Grimfoote
  • Harrowsmere
  • Highfirth
  • Hornemoor
  • Huddingbottle
  • Inglehope
  • Jarrowhold
  • Kitswocky
  • Lindloch
  • Listerneck
  • Loddingwood
  • Maplelore
  • Masonbury
  • Millcroft
  • Plimmsthistle
  • Ragsdale
  • Scarsknoll
  • Scarsway
  • Sedgemount
  • Shabbywright
  • Stokeswolle
  • Stubbslee
  • Thornemole
  • Tinkersward
  • Tynehoe
  • Willardsknock
  • Winkleferry
  • Winterham

Happy creating!