A snippet of a monochrome fantasy map showing some towns, farmlands and mountains to the rear.

Castle Banallan map

Made another wee map.

My original plan was - since it's October - to make a map with a vaguely Halloween theme. It didn't quite work out like that. The more I worked on it, the more I was drawn toward a black and white map. In the end I tweaked the colours slightly to give it a very subtle blue-ish tone, but still a monochrome map. My castle drawing is extremely basic since I can't draw for toffee... 🤪

I love the font I used (Mousemoon). It's not the kind of font I'd generally use for mapping, unless it was for the title, but I liked it here since I only needed a few town labels and I made them big.

As usual, this was made entirely in Inkscape with some raster textures added to give it a bit of grit. I need to experiment a little more with Inkscape's filters, something I don't use all that much, but there are some cool effects to be had with those (and some monstrosities that I personally will never use, but we all have different needs!)